HDHomeRun QUATRO 4K for ATSC 3.0

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Re: HDHomeRun QUATRO 4K for ATSC 3.0

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I just did the firmware update that came out this week. And was looking at my channels after the update and noticed 5001, 5002 and 5003... Getting no signal on them when I looked. I am presuming one of my local channels is going into a testing phase for ATSC 3.0.... Have to check them randomly to see if I can catch something new.

Mine also gives me 5001, etc at random times. Has done that forever, even with my previous, non-3.0 HDHR tuner. I don't think it's 3.0 related...

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Re: HDHomeRun QUATRO 4K for ATSC 3.0

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Folks, it is best to post channel and reception specific comments or questions to the thread for your market so that you can get or give far more relevant and actionable feedback.
This generic thread is just a mush of stuff and should probably be locked.

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Re: HDHomeRun QUATRO 4K for ATSC 3.0

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5000+ channel numbers are auto-generated when a channel doesn't have a channel number. In USA/Canada these will almost always be ATSC 1.0 channels that are too weak to receive.