ATSC 3.0: Washington, DC / Baltimore, MD

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Re: ATSC 3.0: Washington, DC / Baltimore, MD

Post by joblo »

Now qpsk 6/15, 1-1.5 Mbps... PLP0 lock around 1 dB SNR, 14.9 dB = 100%...

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Re: ATSC 3.0: Washington, DC / Baltimore, MD

Post by stvcmty »

Will 760246, Sinclair’s experimental ATSC 3.0 LPTV on CH24 in Hunt valley, MD have any consumer-receivable content? ... yId=760246 ... cid=760246 ... ntegration

RabbitEars’ signal search map predicts I will get a stronger signal for it than WIAV. Unfortunately, 760246’s heading is in the null between the main lobe on my HD8800 and the first side lobe when my HD8800 is aimed for the DC stations so getting it at home would take some work.

I may have to take my Connect 4k, an antenna and a laptop to see if I can get the signal over on York Road.

I am not sure if the antenna they are using matches the purpose of the STA. The station is horizontally polarized but they want to test mobile devices. I would think some amount of vertical polarization would help them in the mobile space.

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Re: ATSC 3.0: Washington, DC / Baltimore, MD

Post by Trip »

FCC rules require that horizontal power exceed vertical. The best they could do is to go circular with it. Perhaps they're testing the worst case--trying to do mobile from an H-only antenna.

If you happen to get over to look at it, I'd be extremely interested to find out what you see. I assume at least some of it will be consumer-receivable, as there's no need to put encryption on a test feed.

- Trip

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Re: ATSC 3.0: Washington, DC / Baltimore, MD

Post by ctbarker32 »

I just did a rescan today and noticed "WIAV HEVC". This is my first reception of a ATSC 3.0 signal.

I am curiouis that the HDHomeRun "RED Record" button is hidden while viewing this channel. Is the type of DRM we have to look forward to in our ATSC 3.0 future? I really hope not!

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Re: ATSC 3.0: Washington, DC / Baltimore, MD

Post by jasonl »

Does it have guide listings? The record button won't be there if there are no guide listings for the channel. You'll need to post in the guide issues forum to have them add listings for that channel.

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Re: ATSC 3.0: Washington, DC / Baltimore, MD

Post by Thunderthud »

WIAV shows up as channels 158.1 and 158.3 here. 158.1 has guide info and the record button shows up and recorded.

Works fine for audio and video on my 4K fire stick with an old Toshiba 720p tv .

2nd gen fire stick and my Android devices say "no video codec" and hang.

My Shield 2017 has video, but no audio, hooked up to 4k Samsung TV VIA HDMI

Haven't checked my PC's yet.

Not a good track record, so far....

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