Add setting to disable visual hints

Discussion of the new user interface for the HDHomeRun app.
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Add setting to disable visual hints

Post by ota » Sun Jan 12, 2020 6:32 pm

For the very first time seeing the slice guide, the visual hint where the slice juts out to the left and the arrow flashes was useful for about 30 seconds. Since then it's an ongoing nuisance as just when we're trying to read the show title or image, the slice moves out from under our eyeballs :? . Please add a setting to disable this, perhaps call it "Display visual hints = ON/OFF".

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Re: Add setting to disable visual hints

Post by signcarver » Sun Jan 12, 2020 7:24 pm

This has been asked for a million times before and they have always responded they have no intention of doing so. Personally I feel they should just disable such permanently for all and put some type of "help" feature of usage that includes going over that one can go into the slice.

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