wierd problem last night - playback of football recording hanging frequently

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wierd problem last night - playback of football recording hanging frequently

Post by Bobstr » Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:08 am

I've never had any serious issues with playback of recordings, but last night was unbelievable.

Windows 10 PC, Early access enabled, uploading of logs enabled. Record engine running on two windows server 2016 systems. Same configuration (other than windows updates and SD updates) as I've been running for over a year.

I couldn't start watching Monday night football (go Hawks! With that win, first place in the NFC west!!!) until I got home from work, so I ended up starting playback about an hour and a half into the game.

From the start, the playback would hang and stutter frequently. Sometimes the only fix was to end the HR Viewer and restart it. Sometimes I could hit rewind, or fast forward to get video to restart, other times I had to hit stop, then click on 'live' to get it going (audio would also stop during these incidents). When none of that worked, I had to close the app and restart it. Many times video would stutter badly for anything from a second or two, or up to about 10 seconds - when the stuttering happened, audio was completely normal and uninterrupted. Many times the glitches were occurring immediately after pressing rewind (we were attempting to be able to view a particular part of a play in the game), however, both types of this problem would occur without remote control or keyboard inputs. If I were to guess how many times we had these glitches occur, I'd say that it would be around 50 times, possibly more during the playback of this one recording.

Once we muddled through the recording of the game, we watched live TV for another hour or two - and had no video glitches whatsoever. When I get home tonight, I will watch parts of the recording again to see if these issues are embedded in the recording or not. It should take very little effort to see it again if it's in the actual recording.

The only other network activity at the time was my son was streaming the game live via his xbox (also, I believe that the xbox is wireless and I know that the PC and server are hardwired 1gig connections, and my two Primes are hardwired to the Cisco switch that the servers are attached to). If the xbox is hardwired, he's on a separate connection from the router than my server or the Windows 10 PC. I've got a 256mb cable connection that usually tests around 300mb download, so I doubt the streaming had any affect on the playback on the Windows 10 PC.

Any thoughts?

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