Pause + seek woes in Windows 10 - new UI at fault?

Discussion of the new user interface for the HDHomeRun app.
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Pause + seek woes in Windows 10 - new UI at fault?

Post by averyfreeman » Tue Oct 29, 2019 12:45 pm


I'm a long-term user on W10, I record the news so I can skip commercials while I work from home during the week.

I like the new UI. The pop-up menu on the bottom is now transparent, that's pretty neat, and I like a lot of the new features now that my pause button works again! :D

I seem to remember I used to be able to pause and then seek using the << >> buttons (which on my latest controller is just left and right on the jog wheel-looking thing in the middle)

Now if I pause, I cannot seek - I have to hit the back button to disengage the pop-up menu from the bottom and then I can seek

As I'm writing this I'm starting to realize maybe it's a limitation of the controller and not a change in the New UI, I know if the menu is up I need to be able to navigate the icons.

Is this a limitation of my new controller doubling << >> with the navigation controls?

If someone has separate << >> maybe you could try pausing and see if you can seek when the pop-up menu up on the bottom is still up (?)

here's my specs:
W10 x64
1809 LTSC 17763.832
8GB ram

HDHR view 20190611 (
New UI 20191025
Early access on
Send diags on

Here's my NEW controller:


Here's my OLD controller (which had separate << >> buttons):


Would love to get to the bottom about whether this is a change in the UI or if it's my controller doubling up the << >> with the navigation control.

And also, if anyone knows of a controller that's like my OLD one's layout but has a rechargable battery built in like my NEW one, please let me know!


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