Direct Access channel fails with consistent behavior

Discussion of the new user interface for the HDHomeRun app.
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Direct Access channel fails with consistent behavior

Post by Jimmersd » Fri Sep 06, 2019 4:55 am


Spectrum/Brighthouse Digital cable has channels over 1000 reserved for HiDef. These are the channels I usually watch so when I open the SD app it usually defaults to the last channel watched.
  1. If the app opens on channel 1215 and I direct input another channel number with four digits, the slideout appears with the number I typed in the search box. But the guide does not move to highlight the new selection or react by moving to the new channel.
  2. Then if I close and reopen the slide and type in one or two digit channel number (2 or 02) the cursor and the slide move to highlight channel 02 and the app will re-tune there if I hit ok/sel.
  3. Afterward if I type another number with four digits (1000) the app still won't re-tune or slide there.
  4. But if I type in another higher channel with three digits (999) the slide-guide will move close to that channel, since it's close I can move the cursor to that channel and the app will re-tune when selected.
  5. Then the app sporadically accept and slide to, or tune directly to channels with four digits, sometimes the slideguide will move close to the desired channel and I will have to browse to the correct channel

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