"Recording End" selection -- UI Bug report

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"Recording End" selection -- UI Bug report

Post by HenryGab » Sun Sep 01, 2019 4:08 pm

Title: Unable to click on checkbox of leadin/leadout recording time

Steps to repro:
1. go to "Tasks"
2. select any currently-scheduled recording series
3. click on the "30s" that follows "Recording End" text to popup menu
4. In menu, attempt to set to "1h After" by clicking on the dark grey oval with white outline

Expected Results:
Sets the recording to end one hour after, and UI is updated to show the oval as selected.

Actual Results:
Clicking on the dark grey oval does absolutely nothing. True story … I've seen users think the UI is 100% broken because they could not click this oval.

Known Workaround:
Click on the bright-green bar, pretty much anywhere except the dark grey oval.

In case it's needed...
Device Info:
HDHomeRun SERVIO Device ID: 15301857, FW 20190621
HDHomeRun PRIME Device ID: 13182F70, FW 20190621

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