Android Issues with Task and Recording Episodes

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Android Issues with Task and Recording Episodes

Post by NTC » Wed Jul 24, 2019 12:38 pm

A couple of issues with Android and the Task tab on both my Sony TV with Android 8, and my Amazon Fire HD (Gen 8) running a form of Android. Latest firmware on both.

UI 20190723
1. If I want to record additional episodes of a TV program though Task, the red record icon (red circle) does not show up immediately as it does in Discover. I have to back out of the program listing and go back in, then the red record icon is there for the episode I selected. Same thing happens when I try to stop recording of a future episode. After I highlight the episode to be recorded (red record icon showing), when I press select again using my remote the red record icon stays. It is only after I back out to the list in Task and go back into the show that the record icon is gone. This happens whether I use the remote for the TV or using the keyboard/mouse.

2. In task, after I select a TV program, I see 3 rows for the same program episode, each having the same channel, title, episode, and air date/time. All identical. What should be 5 or 6 rows of future episodes, I see 15 to 18. When I look at future episodes though Discover I only see the one air date/time for each episode. It's as if using the Task you'll get a row for each tuner available, i.e a quatro with 4 tuners, 1 for the live, and 3 available for record.

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