20190708b Windows 10: Persistent bar; lead-in/out time bug

Discussion of the new user interface for the HDHomeRun app.
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20190708b Windows 10: Persistent bar; lead-in/out time bug

Post by averyfreeman » Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:25 pm

My 2c from the last few days of things I noticed during normal use - hope you find this useful:

Behavioral requests:

1) if the bar wasn't displaying and I transported (ff/rw) while viewing a recording, the bar would appear for a second and then disappear

Now when I transport in a recording, even if the bar isn't up when I start, it appears and then doesn't go away until I explicitly make it by pressing the back button

Can you please revert to the behavior where if the bar isn't up before transport it disappears on its own, please? Never appearing in the first place = fine, too.

In fact, it would be nice if it disappeared on its own no matter if it was up already before transport or not. It's irritating having to constantly hit the back button.

2) Another behavior that would be nice to return to is the Recordings menu used to open to the last show watched, rather than always opening the menu to the newest recordings.

I seem to remember the old UI opened the recordings menu to the last show watched. Can we go back to that?

(Note: This was while already watching recordings, not when accessing Recordings menu for the first time).

Also noticed a couple bugs that I could re-create:

1) In discover --> episode list --> record series, the pop-up menu appears that immediately shows button to set a different lead-in/out times than the default 30s. This function from this menu always reverts back to 30s.

Lead-in/out times must be scheduled after pressing "Record all episodes" or "record current season", then the lead-in/out buttons appear in the episode list menu where they actually work, but not before in the pop-up menu where user explicitly asked.

2) Pause doesn't work for me when I first start an episode approx 1 out of 10 times. Exiting and then re-playing the recording makes it work again.

BTW after messing with the Kodi to see if I could get the package maintainer's version working in Debian, I've re-discovered my deep appreciation for the Windows version. I think you're doing great work so far.

Thanks for your effort, I appreciate it! :)

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