Discover Now - Can't set up series recording with remote

Discussion of the new user interface for the HDHomeRun app.
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Discover Now - Can't set up series recording with remote

Postby Thunderthud » Tue May 14, 2019 10:21 am

The arrow key actions after highlighting a show icon in Discover Now are erratic and irrational. Can't maneuver around to setup a series recording. Hard to get to the series record button, using remote or keyboard arrow keys. Cursor doesn't go where it should logically go. Also, if you manage to get the series box to pop up you can't maneuver around within it. If you change the end time, you can't get down to select record always or record current buttons. All highlights disappear and you can only exit whole thing.

Tried this on Windows 10 as well as Firestick. BTW, thanks for fixing the other issues to be able to play a recording.

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