New UI feedback, thoughts

Discussion of the new user interface for the HDHomeRun app.
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New UI feedback, thoughts

Postby Bobstr » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:38 am

I've run the new UI for a couple of days and have some thoughts (so far):

Windows 10 media PC
MCE remote (configured on a Logitech Harmony)
Record Engine on a Windows server 2016 server
Unable to leave show episodes screen in recorded TV (happened twice - had to kill & restart the software once, keyboard allowed me to exit when remote wouldn't in the other instance). Unfortunately, I didn't record the time/day when those happened.

Bugs encountered:
1) remote buttons not working correctly such as exit, rewind/ff, (but 10 min rewind/ff work).
2) Crashes (?) during startup where instead of going to Live TV, it throws a bunch of 'Int' lines to the screen with an error about not being able to access something about guidedata. (sometimes, just restarting the program will solve, sometimes restarting the record engine is required).
Edit: 3) Channel change and return to live TV from recorded TV or Discovery screens hangs with black screen until guide slice is shown or cleared

1) the larger font / seemingly larger show titles.
2) the addition of the current time on the discovery page
3) the addition of the guide time slot row (not sure the proper name for it - the new row that shows 'Now', the time of the next half hour, etc).
edit: 4) ability to select length of recording start/end using remote (Thank you, thank you, thank you!)

1) Loss of episode title on the discovery page. Used to have channel logo, Show title and episode title displayed. a smaller font would allow both show and episode title to be shown.
2) Jumping to next half hour on discovery screen if I right arrow from the show tile at the right column. Former behavior was to wrap to the first tile on the next line. Suggestion: Revert to the former behavior and make the 'next half hour time' clickable to go to the next half hour. I think the use case here supports my suggestion.
3) when clicking on a show tile in the discovery screen, the current active item becomes the first episode entry. Former behavior was that the active item was 'record'. To move to be able to watch a show, former behavior required one 'left' movement and click watch. New behavior requires multiple 'up' movements, then you can finally select watch. Current behavior, if you click on the active item, it automatically selects that item to record. Not sure of a suggestion on how to change that - maybe adding the ability to change channels to the episode list's 'active' item (if it's the currently showing episode), instead of the only option being to choose recording.

I think some of this designed behavior is based on what I believe the model SD is using, where Discover is used almost exclusively to find things to record, and not primarily used as a way to find things to watch right now. I don't know for sure, but I don't think that the 'discovery is used for setting up recordings' is anywhere near the exclusive use case that it may be thought of. I think it's more 50-50 than anything (for my family, and probably many others, this is the primary method for finding live TV shows to watch, with finding things to record is the secondary use case), and that the 'finding Live TV to watch' use case needs to be addressed with the same importance that 'finding things to record' is.

The 'live TV' show listing slice may be what is intended to be used to find what's on live TV, but since the only way to navigate that is to see 5 or 6 channels at a time, and then scroll through the entire list or know the channel number to get to the channel you want (and hopefully the show you think is on now is on that channel...), it's very difficult to use at all other than for seeing what's on adjacent channels. Adding the ability to jump one screen's full of channels at a time would certainly help it be more useful, but in my opinion, it's still not likely to become the primary method of finding live TV shows to watch for many, if not most users.

Overall I'm impressed with the changes - and am looking forward to future beta's that address the issues in the future. I've temporarily switched back to the old version waiting for the remote buttons to be fixed, and hopefully have the frequency of the startup crashing into an apparent debug mode (all those 'int' entries scrolling up on the screen) will be reduced.

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