Problem with extended recording time at end of regular show

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Problem with extended recording time at end of regular show

Postby GlowingBlueMist » Thu Apr 11, 2019 8:46 pm

My recording engine is based on a QNAP NAS, which normally works just fine once I was able to make it work.

I like to record car and truck races, Baseball games and other sports like football. Presently I routinely hand type in 3h for the length of time to keep recording after the scheduled program is officially over. I do this on the races and other sports as they are quite often delayed due to weather or in the case of races a major crash.

I am running app version 2190205 ( If I turn on Early access to new features I am restricted to a maximum of 30 minutes which is way too short for sports and other things that might be delayed by weather or crashes.

Please consider allowing us to still be able to hand type in the value like the current regular (non-early access) version allows or add times to the list that would still allow at least up to 3h be chosen.

If this is the wrong forum for this please move it to where it belongs.

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