Apple TV Remote Alternatives

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Apple TV Remote Alternatives

Post by mski »

The Apple TV and similar platforms are excellent clients for consuming HDHR content but their human interface, at times, can be lacking. MSOs/MVPDs have also adopted the Apple TV as a preferred platform to deliver live tv to end users. Their wide application has created a new accessory market, including more suitable remote controls.

Perhaps SiliconDust can leverage this new market to provide software support and distribute remote controls better suited for live tv. A guide button and traditional channel up/down buttons would be welcome by many of your customers.


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Re: Apple TV Remote Alternatives

Post by socalman »

Check if your TV or receiver offers HDMI-CEC support. Often once enabled you're able to use the remote that came with TV.

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Re: Apple TV Remote Alternatives

Post by AahzNotOz »

Though it was a total pain in the behind to get it working, I was able to finally program my Harmony Ultimate Home to control my Apple TV 4K, including the number buttons on the LCD display for channel input all for the Channels DVR app. Works pretty good. I haven't tried the settings with other apps, but I would assume it will work in those as well. Check the Channels DVR support pages for Apple TV for guides on how to set up a couple different universal remotes.


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