Request: DVR Persistent Live TV Buffers/Client Selection

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Request: DVR Persistent Live TV Buffers/Client Selection

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With the HDHR DVR (record engine) providing drive based live TV buffers and tuner sharing, I would like to have the ability to simply leave the DVR live TV buffers recording even after a client live TV session or a scheduled recording has ended. This would allow otherwise idle tuners to continue capturing live TV buffers for possible client viewing at any time.

On the DVR client side the UI could add a menu or some such element to present the multiple tuners/buffers with current status, channel, and program for viewer selection. With whatever tuner/buffer is selected the client would be patched into it and allowed access to seek the entire buffer just as if the client had been requesting the channel all along from the DVR.

To avoid possible new resource contention scenarios, any tuner not servicing an active client session or scheduled recording, that is a tuner that would otherwise be idle but persists to record live TV for this new DVR persistent buffer, would be available for reassignment as necessary via the record engine. To reduce the inadvertent loss of potentially desirable persistent live TV buffers, it might be helpful for a client setting that when enabled causes the launched client to initially prompt for tuner/buffer selection instead of immediately requesting whatever the last watched channel was.

If implementing this persistent live TV buffer, it would be especially helpful for my use to have an optional, user defined default passive channel setting on the DVR for each tuner. When set, this is the channel the given tuner would revert to whenever it was no longer servicing a scheduled recording or client sessions. Without this set the tuner would, of course, simply remain on whatever channel it was last told to record/view.

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