Change fast forward and rewind skip times?

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Change fast forward and rewind skip times?

Post by jim_a »

I need to change the times for fast forward, rewind, big step backward and big step backward.
I suggest that each be specified in seconds (600 seconds for 10 minutes).
I currently have two Shield TVs and a Fire TV each with a Flirc that I use for live TV and play back of
recordings so I need the settings for Android.

In addition, true fast forward and fast reverse playback is also needed.
Kodi has 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32x forward or reverse so there shouldn’t be copyright/patent issues.

I really want to get rid of Windows media center but the current UI is severely deficient for playback of recordings.

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Re: Change fast forward and rewind skip times?

Post by PghCordCutter »

It is just me or has how the HDHR app changed the way it fast forwards and rewinds? I too have an nvidia shield and I have been having issues with the FF and RW lately. Sometimes, RW will not work at all.

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