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Grid Guide

Post by catmandeux »

Is the development team working on a Grid Guide menu?
If not, why?

Pictures are all nice and colorful, but it is a terrible way to try to find something.

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Re: Grid Guide

Post by ebo »

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Re: Grid Guide

Post by rpcameron »

In the past the developers have said they had no intention of bringing a traditional grid guide to their app. More recently, they have said they may consider adding it in the future. The current status seems to be somewhere between "who knows" and "a quarter past never".

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Re: Grid Guide

Post by beefjerky »

As a note, this lack of a proper grid guide is what keeps me from using the official HDHomeRun app. Therefore, it also keeps me from even considering subscribing to the HDHomeRun DVR service.

The current "guide" implementation is just terribly user un-friendly and much more difficult to use and browse through than a standard guide. For now, I'll stick with Kodi/MrMC.

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Re: Grid Guide

Post by heyted »

My preference is to use MythTV with my HDHomeRun Prime, which has a grid guide.

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Re: Grid Guide

Post by bruiserker »

I'm still running WMC; grid guide and records DRM channels. I'd consider switching if they ever made a grid guide, and one that didn't use resource intensive thumbnails. Current implementation is terrible.

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