Improving adding and editing record rules

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Re: Improving adding and editing record rules

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Your first part isn't really about rule improvements but is its own topic... personally would hate this as I have never had such work correctly for me as it always ends up deleting something it shouldn't. I do believe there should be 2-4 fields added in the saved rule to help with such mainly so the scripts I write can be consistent in naming conventions i.e. EpisodesToKeep, ByOriginalAirDate (vs by record date, note that if by original it would also do by record date/time for when original dates are equal) and whether to rerecord such (on such cleanup, though perhaps allow such to choose default delete behavior for that series)

Your second part already should happen though the main exception to that is when one has multiple pbs stations as new episodes always overrides such logic and each pbs station has its own "premier" however it should not happen with the same pbs stations (and its subchannels... the guide provider won't change such for different (sister) stations but occasionally will with subchannels ).

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