Jump back to Last Channel button/command

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Jump back to Last Channel button/command

Post by kli »

Did a search throughout the forums and didn't find anything on this topic (so either I'm not using the right terminology or I'm just in the extreme minority who is interested in this - and thus will probably never be implemented, but who knows) -

Is there a way to jump back to the last channel viewed? Back in the good ol'days of regular channel surfing, there were buttons/commands designated for jumping back to the last channel viewed. Usually this was for when you happened to come across 2 different programs you wanted to watch and would switch back and forth between the two when either a commercial popped up or there was a lull in the action/story. Just wondering if there is something like that available in the current HDHomerun App? (If so, I've completely missed what it is in any of the guides or settings etc).


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Re: Jump back to Last Channel button/command

Post by NedS »

It's on the list of features that we want to see added, but we don't have an ETA at the moment.

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