Should I wait for the Quatro 4k?

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Should I wait for the Quatro 4k?

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I wasn't fortunate enough to be part of the kickstarter for the 4k Quatro but I've been wondering that aside from the 4k being ATSC 3.0 and doing 4k, are there any other benefits of this new device to the old/current quatro?

I'm contemplating if I should wait for the 4k and just buy the Quatro now. I probably will have a few 4k channels in my area next year but let's just say 4k doesn't matter -- at 1080p only will there be any advantage? Codec maybe?

My goal is to use the Quatro on my Plex media server which has an Nvidia Quadro P2000 and using the Plex app across my device instead of the HDHR app.


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