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TV Anywhere

Post by heimdm »

I think it would be awesome, if the hdhomerun devices could stream from TV Anywhere, just like how the hd premium tv service used the tuners. That would then drop it right into plex which would be a sweet setup.

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Re: TV Anywhere

Post by jasonl »

It's an incredible amount of work to actually get a system like that going without published documentation. I don't think anyone is crazy enough to try to reproduce what Channels has done without matching their $80/year pricepoint just to pay for the initial time outlay plus the continuous upkeep. Also there's no reason for it to go through the hardware, and that would actually make it far more difficult. It's inherently easier/better to do purely in the DVR software.

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Re: TV Anywhere

Post by GhostPeter »

Go with Channels if you want that functionality. $80 a year is well worth it. You get what you pay for.

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