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Re: Future Features

Post by scotsman19 »

I'm glad to hear that. For some reason I didn't appear to receive one this time. I hopefully won't find myself in the same situation again either. Thanks.

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Re: Future Features

Post by RWFarley »

I have a *LOT* of requests. Bullet items below:
Live ============================================
)Jump back to Previous Channel (e.g. "toggle" between 2 stations)
)List/Subset of only HD Stations
)List/Subset of only "Starred" (5-20) selected channels that I can flip through (or scan through) Live
)2nd list of "Never" channels (e.g. different languages) So I can flip through almost all Live
)"Next Channel" button for lists above
)"Next Show" after "Current Show" on channels (at e.g. 7:58 where should I tune?)
Playback of Recorded ============================
)Playback at 1.5x with sound
)Jump to location (e.g 85 minutes in) on timeline
Tasks/Recording =================================
)Episode Name in file Metadata
)Record HD only (e.g. PBS series on multiple HD & SD channels)
)Combined List of all scheduled recordings sortable by: Date, Channel, Priority, ...

)App that will show (and record) signal strength/quality of multiple channels simultaneously
e.g. "balance" antenna for 2 channels with different transmitters
Large display so I can walk away from antenna and see results (or Android app)
)Intermittently {Cron?} "Poll" strength to show/graph Quality(time)
I'm convinced one channel decreases power some times/days
Or maybe another interferes only certain times

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Re: Future Features

Post by RayStone1998 »

After using HR Prime for several years, I've accumulated about 2500 recorded programs. With this amount, its easy to loose a program or movie even though you know its there. Your forget the title for example and can't search for it. The current scrolling though movies is tedious if there are over 1000 moves on your NAS. It takes forever, and when you click on one movie to read the details, when you go back you are often at the beginning of the list and have to start over.

I'd like to see an an enhancement to the "Recorded" page where if you click on the title (rather than a poster image) such as "All Recordings", "Movies", etc., it brings up a page showing only movies or only shows. The page layout would be similar to what you see in the Now, Shows, or Movies when on the Discover tab. Hopefully this gives you a clearer picture of what I'm asking for. Theoretically you could go forward and back through these pages and more quickly identify the show you're looking for since you'd be looking at 21 posters at a time rather than only 7. I tend not to remember titles but I do remember images and so this proposed feature would be really useful to me.

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Re: Future Features

Post by nickk »

RayStone1998 wrote: Fri Nov 13, 2020 2:14 pm [...] and when you click on one movie to read the details, when you go back you are often at the beginning of the list and have to start over.
That looks to be a bug - I was able to reproduce by scrolling pas a large number of movies.

We will get that fixed.


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Re: Future Features

Post by retate »

This bug was introduced somewhere in the rollout of the new UI in spring 2019. I posted about it in 2019. I posted about it with addition detail in 02/2020. At that time there was a response acknowledging the bug, and a response that the bug had been fixed. However, the bug was not fixed in any release I tried. I just verified that the failure details I posted about previously are still the same. If you are within the first 59 entries, there is not a problem in going back from reading the details. If you are at 60 or beyond, then you go back to the beginning of the list. This problem has been frustrating me for 18 months. Is there any further information needed to get it fixed?

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