KDE Plasma Bigscreen

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KDE Plasma Bigscreen

Post by Ken.F »

KDE is developing an ARM operating system with a 10-foot UI called Plasma Bigscreen. Is there any chance we'll see a HDHomeRun app running on it some day?


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Re: KDE Plasma Bigscreen

Post by NedS »

At the very least, it should be possible to run Kodi with the HDHomeRun add-on, or one of the many DLNA/UPnP-compatible players.

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Re: KDE Plasma Bigscreen

Post by AdeyGraunt »

Hi..as per KDE publishing If KDE can keep on developing this, it could become a very good replacement for Android and you will also be able to stream Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ easily through browsers or apps in HD or FHD quality which is always a problem on Android because of the greedy licenses from companies.

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