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Re: Recording DRM

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TOMMYRAY71 wrote: Mon Dec 28, 2020 11:24 am It's been what, 3 years since DRM recoding is coming out- so it's dead, right?
No, that is entirely incorrect. The feature is still being worked on.

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Re: Recording DRM

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Yeah. I'm thinking it's been more than five years since this feature was announced, and I can't help but feel that SD is going to pull a Ceton on everyone at some point. If SD was serious about this they would have had a full working replacement for Media Center in the pipeline around 2018. Keeping the company alive by stringing along customers with promises of a full DVR implementation with DRM capability is not cool. If the DRM costs are too much and there's not enough market interest to compensate just abandon ship and come clean to everyone. Don't keep people hanging on with new conditions and benchmarks that never produce. Bottom line is that no one has produced a robust, secure, and versatile solution for HTPCs since WMC was euthanized. And I certainly will never download a modded old version of WMC from an untrusted site just to run it on Win 10. It's also BS that Microsoft contended that people only used WMC to play DVDs. I never knew anyone who even went near WMC unless they had building an HTPC in mind.

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