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Re: Recording DRM

Post by jec6613 »

I've been a HDHomeRun user for quite some time now, using the dual tuner model and Prime almost since inception, and over the last 6-12 months the DRM recording issue is becoming critical.

Currently, I run MCE 8.1 to record shows, and DVR is only working on one set now after the XBox 360 extenders got broken in an RDP security update (my MCE is domain joined). The hardware is effectively state of the art and way overkill for what it does, but here's the gotcha: 8.1 has been in extended support for 2 years now, and every single patch cycle more things get broken. And, over the last year or so, many of those patches have been critical to install for security fixes - from nVidia security patches to 8.1 patches, and the fact of the matter is MCE just isn't tested against the patches anymore, so recording breaks every 2-4 months and I have to dig and fix it. And that's not including the guide data debacle last month.

Yes, I have the skills to sort out what's broken for now, but for how much longer will that be the case? How many other users have already jumped ship from Silicondust products? The app isn't great, but it's at least in a usable position now (even if I'm not happy about being internet-bound), but where is that DRM DVR feature?

I get it, you can't tell me much if anything about timelines and Cable Labs is a pain to deal with, but I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus here saying that this is the feature that I need to keep me from jumping ship (which I don't want to do, it's a pretty big pain), and as soon as it's available if it's in time I will almost immediately purchase a Servio and 6-channel tuner (once that's available, anyway) to take advantage of it. Because as it stands, within the next 6-12 months MCE will finally be unsustainable and if DRM recording isn't working on SD by then, I'm left to jump to TiVO or similar.

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Re: Recording DRM

Post by scyto »

They are not going to set a date or give an indication until they are certain of release date.
That seems quite reasonable to me. I look forward to when it is out, in the mean time I have been rocking the alternatives.

One alternative don’t apply patches to MCE? I only replaced it when my 360 units used as extenders RROD :-(

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Re: Recording DRM

Post by tghowe »

NedS wrote:
Sat Feb 08, 2020 9:58 pm
StraightThruTheHeart wrote:
Sat Feb 08, 2020 4:12 pm
It's been 5 years since the Kickstarter and they feel no obligation to be honest with their customers. Appalling.
We have been entirely honest with our customers. The only somewhat-firm ETA we gave on DRM-recording support was that we were aiming for a 2019 release. We are disappointed that we were not able to meet our internal deadline, but no deception was intended in that situation.

Unless you want us to keep repeating ourselves with information that has already been covered, we do not have any new information to share at this time. Yes, we are still working on DRM-recording support. The PRIME6 has been delayed, but we are obligated to completing the DRM support even without the PRIME6 being released before or at the same time.

That is all we can say at this time.
Thank you for this information.

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Re: Recording DRM

Post by Cass3366 »


Can anyone from Silicon Dust please provide an update on when we will have the capability to record DRM with our HomeRun Prime? It would be nice to know what is the status of this, what is the ETA of a product being released. To me, it is a very important capability to have since most of the channels I have access to are DRM. Can you please provide a road-map of this?


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Re: Recording DRM

Post by rpcameron »

Figured I'd give this thread a bump, since the Prime 6 is undergoing additional hardware revisions, and has yet to be submitted to CableLabs for certification.

Any updates about DRM recording? Reports have been conflicting in the past as to whether it was tied to the Prime 6 or not. Also, I seem to remember a comment from a dev about 2+ years ago that they have a working implementation, but it wasn't quite ready.

I figured since SD is getting ready to ship another Kickstarter product, it might be nice if all of the goals from the previous KS were delivered first.

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