HDHomeRun Windows App / Stay on top option.

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HDHomeRun Windows App / Stay on top option.

Post by jmetivier » Thu Sep 19, 2019 12:56 pm

Can we add an option to the Windows HDHomeRun app to always stay on top. Would love to have a small TV window that does not get covered by other windows. Your competitor has this option.

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Re: HDHomeRun Windows App / Stay on top option.

Post by jasonl » Thu Sep 19, 2019 3:16 pm

Windows 10 has what's called CompactOverlay mode where it can do a small always on top window. But, the problem is that when you have the window active, it it displays the titlebar inside the window, which covers up the Live/Recorded/Discover/Tasks menus and the search box in the slice guide, and those are kind of important for using the app. The UWP version of VLC supports CompactOverlay and gets around this by basically not letting you do anything other than use the basic playback controls when in the overlay. To play a different file, you have to stop playback, which takes it back to windowed mode, the select the new file, and manually go back in to overlay. Extremely clunky and not particularly suited to the way the HDHomeRun app works. We're working on finding a way to support the overlay while still maintaining usability.

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