Where is subtitle support?

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Where is subtitle support?

Post by jelockwood » Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:13 pm

If you use a HDHomeRun DVB-T/T2 tuner with the SiliconDust app you can view Closed Captions if they are available but the chances of them being available is close to zero since this is a US only standard more often used either on US broadcasts or some DVDs.

In the rest of the world i.e. the bit that uses DVB-T/T2 broadcasts a different standard called DVB Subtitles is used. Typically this is in the form of bitmap subtitles very similar to those used on DVDs, indeed I have seen a tool which can convert both DVB MPEG2 recordings and their embedded subtitles to a DVD format.

Unfortunately SiliconDust still does not support DVB Subtitles. Apart from being inconvenient to those who can hear but might want to mute the sound and instead read subtitles it is of course a complete roadblock to those who have hearing difficulties and arguably leaves SiliconDust open to charges of disability discrimination.

Even Microsoft years and years and years ago had support for DVB subtitles in Windows 7 Media Centre. (What a shame they gave up on this product.) VLC also supports DVB subtitles.

So when are SiliconDust going to step up to the plate and deliver this vital feature? This is even more of an issue on mobile devices and tablets using the SiliconDust app.

A related topic but one less critical for me at least would be support for MHEG-5 this can be viewed as being the successor to the ancient 'teletext' standard. Apart from providing some interactive content MHEG-5 is also used to switch to various sub-channels and I believe is used by some broadcasters as an alternative method of transmitting subtitles. Whilst the BBC in particular use MHEG-5 they don't use it for subtitles. As an example when sporting events like Wimbledon or the Olympics are being broadcast by the BBC they use it to let you switch between different matches/events.

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Re: Where is subtitle support?

Post by rpcameron » Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:16 pm

Well, there are no problems with the hardware handling DVB subtitles. The problem is that SD's software doesn't support DVB subtitles.

Your best bet is to pair SD's tuners with a different DVR. MythTV and Tvheadend are both quite adept, and in my experience Kodi works nicely as a frontend that supports not only Closed Captions, but DVB subtitles, too.

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