Idea change in display

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Idea change in display

Postby rrussis82 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:15 pm

here's an idea for the view app.

when in slice view, instead of hitting back to go to the "menu" bring it to the search bar on top of slice, and instead of a search bar have a hamburger icon, a cog wheel for settings, and a magnifying glass, and back button from there keeps you in live view. a click on the hamburger icon would bring you to the live, on now, recorded, task menu. cog wheel would be in place of hitting pause play 13 time for advanced setting, and magnifying glass would expand out the search for text search.

In the live, on now, recorded, task menu, replace live with exit, and set the back button to go back to live view.. this would stop the accidentally leaving the app, and give you an exit app click.

Currently from a remote to get to the search on top of the slice you have to scroll all the way up to the lowest channel and one more up get you there. It's not an easy way to get to it. My suggestion get you there with the back button and you then choose menu, settings or search.

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