Manulal Tuning

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Manulal Tuning

Post by seanbarry0559 »

Would it be possible at some future update to enable manual tuning. In the north of Ireland we find that the UK and Irish TV systems have completely incompatible epg systems, patrticalarly so when the channels form both platforms are tuned in on the same TV guide. Many have chosen to have separate tuners for each of the two terrestrial platforms, i.e. Freeview form the North of Ireland, and Saorview from the Republic of Ireland.

The problem however arises when aerials are diplexed into one single down lead. An automatic scan tunes channels from both transmitters on both tuners. Being able to scan only selected frequencies would go a long way towards eliminating this problem.

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Re: Manulal Tuning

Post by pboggini »

I also would love to see this ability. I live in San Jose and there are a number of broadcast towers around primarily Sutro/Mt. San Bruno in SF and Mission Peak in San Jose. Many of the automatic stations work and there are repeaters for some of the stations and I get good signal on most but there are some that I do not so when my devices decide to tune to the flaky RF station I get bad results. It would be great to be able to adjust the channel lineup by RF rather than just by virtual channel and then have the autoscans honor that.

When I used to have Dish I loved the fact that I could do a complete scan, delete and readd all channels but I could also tune to a specific RF channel, see the signal and then add it if I wanted to. I get that with all the repacking it's wise to have some sense of autoscan other wise you'll get a lot of complaint about channels suddenly not showing up so having that as the default makes sense. Still, I think there are a number of folks like me who have multiple towers and we need a way to make our systems more stable.

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Re: Manulal Tuning

Post by signcarver »

The solution for that is to use other software that isn't dependent on the scan. In the OPs case SD has said that at some point they may allow a better "country" selection but that would still just add one of the ones desired.

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Re: Manulal Tuning

Post by NedS »

We have some ideas for how to handle ATSC 3.0 in the long run (vs the current solution), and that will likely allow us to take care of these situations as well.

For example, have the HDHomeRun record all channels in some manner, then a client on the network can request which one it wants (be it based on regional preferences or something like ATSC 3.0 compatibility), along with a logical default (possibly user configurable) for clients that only know to access a basic v-channel URL.

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