Live TV stops every 3 sec

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Live TV stops every 3 sec

Postby gac » Mon Dec 31, 2018 12:29 pm

I am running HDHR Premium on a Duo and three Firesticks. Usually everything works perfectly. I have one TV, however, that occasionally will not play any OTA channels without stopping every three seconds or so and often locks up. The premium channels still work perfectly and the other Firesticks work perfectly. I have tried cycling power on the Firestick and TV with no luck. This problem will persist for hours then resolve itself.

Any suggestions? The TV is unusable when this happens.


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Re: Live TV stops every 3 sec

Postby TallMomof2 » Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:18 pm

Have you tried swapping the Firesticks? You said 2 of 3 Firestick combos work. Take one Firestick from a combo that works and try it on the combo that doesn’t work. Don’t know if you tried that but that’s the next step I would take.

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Re: Live TV stops every 3 sec

Postby spencer777 » Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:20 am

reboot your router

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