What HTPC/Remote to use for Windows 10 app?

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What HTPC/Remote to use for Windows 10 app?

Postby Joe369 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 6:42 am

Are most of using htpc keyboard (keyboard + trackpad) to control the windows app or are using a remote? I have a WMC remote I used back when I did prime + WMC and it seems to control windows well but not so much the app as much. What keyboard/controller setup are you using?

Also few other questions for a newbie

1. Will the interface be updated later to show more guide info/upcoming shows/traditional appearance, eg we can browse by network/channel instead of by show?

2. If I close the app, will the dvr engine still continue to work/run?

3. Why isn't there a stop button for live tv? I have to click another tab or close the app if I want it to stop playing live tv. I leave my windows machine running 24/7. It is best for me if I leave the app up all the time for others in the house so they don't have to launch the app each time with a keyboard. I guess I could macro a button to launch and close the app.

Btw I like premium TV, great option and select of shows, satisfies everyone in my household and all for $35 bucks. I used to go the hdprime route but barely even watch half of the cable shows and paid twice as much. $35/month is great and slightly better than competitor offerings such as Youtube TV and *****. Plus I like that integrates well with OTA channels. The only slightly negative thing I have found is that OTA channels visually look a lot better than the premium ones and the UI is sort of lacking, but I understand the devs are working on improving the IPTV premium stream and UI. For $35 bucks, cant really complain all that much.

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Re: What HTPC/Remote to use for Windows 10 app?

Postby ochaos » Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:16 am

I"ve moved off of using a windows system, but when I did I was a big fan of using a FLIRC USB receiver (and most importantly my wife approved of this method.) This allowed me to use the remote of my choice and map it to keyboard controls.

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Re: What HTPC/Remote to use for Windows 10 app?

Postby raygu303 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 10:41 am

I don't know if you're into this kind of thing, but in my living room I use an Xbox One X with Kodi. I bought the XB1 remote controller to go with it. It works really good and except for the :evil: missing channels :lol: it's a really good setup! I actually prefer Kodi to the HDHR app (I'm not a fan of the interface/"slice" guide), the only time I really use the HDHR app for is when I playback my recordings.

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Re: What HTPC/Remote to use for Windows 10 app?

Postby ycavan » Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:00 pm

I use my shield for recordings w/ plex & a core i7 laptop for plex streaming.

We watch "live" hdhomerun tv w/ our android tv's.. sony & westinghouse

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Re: What HTPC/Remote to use for Windows 10 app?

Postby Casey » Sun Dec 09, 2018 1:38 pm

1. Traditional grid guide would be nice but I believe there is a license required for a grid guide, so I don't think it is as easy as just building it.
2. Yes the DVR software runs in the background and records as long as the PC is on. There will be no indication it is running, but it is.
3. There are many ways to get a grid guide. Shield Tv, Kodi, Plex(paid) and other apps. I have tried many and have settled on a shield tv and use the free app "Live Channels" to watch live TV with the included traditional grid guide. Just close "live channels" app to stop watching and relaunch to continue watching. Apps launch very fast on the shield. I run the DVR engine on a always on windows desktop machine. Run free mce buddy to scan hdhr recording folder to move shows to a different folder and rename show title to a format that Plex understands. Then I run the free version of Plex also on the desktop that monitors the new location and serves recording to all devices on my network including the shield through Plex app on shield. I schedule recording either with a tablet with hdhr app, hdhr app on shield, or hdhr app on desktop. DVR engine, MCE buddy, and Plex all run in the background of the desktop unseen. The Shield tv direct plays mpeg2 ts so ff/rw are near instant on Plex recordings. Sounds more complicated than it actually is but this is what I found to be most family friendly. The wife approves and that matters most. I also use a hub based Logitech remote but with the shield having cec you can just use the tv remote to navigate the shield.

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Re: What HTPC/Remote to use for Windows 10 app?

Postby jasonthemann » Sun Dec 09, 2018 9:00 pm

I use the WMC remote with Kodi. There are several Kodi add-ons that allow you to customize all the buttons on the remote. You can use the official HDHR TV plugin for Kodi to watch TV complete with a grid guide. If you also use the HDHR DVR there is another Kodi plugin that many believe works better than the official one, viewtopic.php?f=88&t=65776. The plugin is regularly updated and will allow you to use all the functions of Kodi (such as setting timers, recording from the guide, deleting recordings, etc...) all from within Kodi. Unfortunately, the HDHR official app lacks a lot of polish, is not very intuitive, and is difficult to navigate with a remote. Kodi is free software, the layout is similar to WMC, the plugins associated with making HDHR work seamlessly in Kodi are also free. If you are looking to control your television playback with a remote, I would recommend something other than the official Windows 10 app.

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Re: What HTPC/Remote to use for Windows 10 app?

Postby NYPlayer » Sun Dec 09, 2018 9:09 pm

I use my TV remote on my PC with USB - CEC Adapter.

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