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Premium TV Frequently Asked Questions

Postby nateb » Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:56 pm

This FAQ may be out of date. For the most up to date info, please visit: ... premium-tv

How much does it cost?
$34.99 / Per month with no annual commitment / contract

How do I sign up?
Visit Instructions for signing up will be provided there.

On Which device(s) is HDHomeRun Premium TV available?
The feature requires a HDHomeRun CONNECT (HDHR-2US), HDHomeRun EXTEND (HDTC-2US), HDHomeRun DUO (HDHR5-2US) or HDHomeRun QUATRO (HDHR5-4US). The feature is not available on CableCARD models.

In terms of devices for playback, HDHomeRun Premium TV will work anywhere a Connect or Extend already works. That means it will work on NVIDIA Shield, Amazon Fire TVs, Windows, Android, iOS, etc. See:

Can you please support Premium TV on the HDHomeRun Prime?
Prime devices are CableLabs certified and major changes can cause big problems for certification and may require re-certification. As such, at this time we do not plan on adding Premium TV support.

Where is HDHomeRun Premium TV available?
HDHomeRun Premium TV is available in USA markets.

Why am I not seeing these channels?
Your HDHomeRun needs to update its firmware. Visit and make sure you see Version 20180817 or more recent.

How many concurrent HDHomeRun Premium TV channels can my household watch?
Your household can view up to 2 concurrent Premium TV channels with a 2-tuner HDHomeRun model, or up to 4 concurrent Premium TV channels with a 4-tuner HDHomeRun model (or multiple 2-tuner HDHomeRun models).

Why do I need an HDHomeRun to watch these channels? Aren’t they just being streamed over the internet?
Our ability to deliver these cable channels is tied to our HDHomeRun tuners. This means you need at least one tuner to tune a channel.

I do not want to subscribe at this time. How can I hide these channels?
Click on your tuner
Click Channel Lineup
Click gray star once to disable. The star will turn into a red X to indicate it is hidden

However, even if these channels are not hidden, they will not be visible from search and the DVR will not be able to see them, so they will not interfere with day to day use of your HDHomeRun.

Why am I able to watch these channels for two minutes only?
All channels are available immediately for demonstration purposes. You can see them, browse their programming information, and even watch them for a short period of time. The two minute cap will be lifted when you’ve subscribed to the service.

I haven’t subscribed, but I can see the channel guide. Will my DVR try to record from channels I don’t have access to?
No. Your HDHomeRun DVR will not “see” these additional channel until after you have subscribed to them.

When will Plex, Emby, the Channels app on iOS, and other third parties be able to access Premium TV channels?
These channels are available to third party services right now, the same way regular over the air channels are. Accessing and making them visible to the user on these platforms does take some code tweaking though, particularly for those services that provide their own DVR, so we cannot say exactly when third party services will integrate these channels. With that said, we are happy to work with any third party developers to get integrated as quickly as possible.

My favorite sports team is on a channel not listed. When will you add that channel?
Unfortunately, we cannot give an exact time for adding additional channels, particularly additional sports channels which have various blackout restrictions based on geography.

Does this mean you are abandoning the HDHomeRun Prime?
Absolutely not. We are dedicated to cordcutters and cordshavers alike. We are even now working hard on getting the six tuner Prime ready to go, though we are unable to commit to an exact release date at this time.

If you are grabbing your own guide data for use with a 3rd party, you will need to choose west coast slots for these channels. Guide data should be correct on the official HDHomeRun apps and any apps that have provided official updates with their own supplied guide data.

How much data will this use on my network?
Each stream is 2.5Mbps, which is roughly 1GB per hour. So if you have a 1TB cap, and you normally use about 500GB per month day to day, you'll be able to record roughly 500 hours before hitting the cap.

Do you have any plans to improve the bitrate/ quality of Premium TV channels?
This is easily one of the most asked questions. Quality will improve. We are running tests with video formats, codecs, various encoders, and more to provide the best possible quality while remaining as efficient as possible. Quality improvements will be rolled out over time.

Do you support or plan to support network apps like Watch ESPN?
We do not currently support logging into network apps (sometimes called VOD apps). We are looking into support for the future, but cannot guarantee whether there will be support for any give app nor when there will be support for any given app.

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