Support running multiple record engines as a pool

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Re: NEW - support running multiple record engines as a pool

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Thunderthud wrote:
Sat May 18, 2019 9:14 am
Tried installing on my original MyCloud (Single Drive Ver. 1, which I got from SD Kickstarter), along with my currently in use MyCloud (Single Drive Ver. 2). I had re-initialized the original MyCloud to wipe clean and was attempting to install the record engine and got the error messages below... (Record engine installed okay on my existing V2 MyCloud)

Model: WDMyCloud
SSH Enabled: Ok
SSH Session: Ok
NAS Architecture: Unknown
HDHomeRun Share: Error
smbd not found or not running
Unable to install

I can see and access the HDHomeRun share on my PC over the network, and am able to create files there, with Windows Explorer, with no problem.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
Was this error ever resolved? Thanks!

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Re: Support running multiple record engines as a pool

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Has there been any updates to the multi-engine record functionality?

Any chance we could assign priority to them any time in the near future?

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