Mac HDHomeRun DVR Advanced Configuration

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Mac HDHomeRun DVR Advanced Configuration

Postby jasonl » Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:20 pm

Change record location
Open Terminal and run:

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sudo nano /Users/HDHomeRun/hdhomerun.conf
Change the record location to the exact location you would like to record to. Do not use paths with spaces in them, and do not use quotes around the path. To save the changes, press control-o, and then press control-x to exit. Reboot the Mac, or run the below commands to restart the DVR.

Restart the DVR without rebooting the Mac
Open Terminal and run:

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sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/ sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/​

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Re: Mac HDHomeRun DVR Advanced Configuration

Postby Prime » Sat Oct 21, 2017 7:11 pm

Hey, I am not a coder… or terminal user.
Can you redo this instruction on how to change the recording location to be more explicit in *exactly* what to do? I literally do not know how to do whatever it is you are saying. The instructions are unclear. Where do I insert the drive address in the line? Where do I *find* the drive address? On OS X, user literally never have to do or know any of this! (It is kind of shocking a "choose a location for recordings" option is just not in menu prefs on the OS X app!)
I just want to make all the recordings go to my external hard drive into a folder there. My main drive is completely full!

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Re: Mac HDHomeRun DVR Advanced Configuration

Postby jasonl » Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:09 am

The path for an external drive will be /Volumes/nameofdrive/. So, if you wanted to record to an HDHomeRun folder and the drive is named MyDrive, you would change the line to:

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Re: Mac HDHomeRun DVR Advanced Configuration

Postby jwh » Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:58 am

I'm using the HDHomeRun on a Mac. In addition to a conflict with Cox's McAfee security firewall, despite adding the app as an exclusion in the McAfee settings. Also, following the above, I edited the conf file to direct recordings to an external hard drive named "DVR" with a designated folder of "HDHomeRun" as follows:


However, in the log file, I see:

"20180212-23:34:04 Recorded: directory /Users/HDHomeRun/ with 0 subdirs and 0 recordings"

Doesn't appear to be using the specified external hard drive!



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Re: Mac HDHomeRun DVR Advanced Configuration

Postby GAHomeRunner » Sun Nov 18, 2018 7:22 am

This post helped me yesterday. I run my HDHR-DVR on a Mac as well. (Thanks jasonl !)
I initially tried using the Unix commands and it did not work.
Next I decided to go with editing the configuration (".conf") file. But first I had to get info on the file only to find my local account was not listed to edit (read/write) changes to the file. I unlocked the properties using the lock icon below. I then added my account to the file with read/write privileges. I copied the file HDHomerun.conf file. Opened the file at the copied location. I changed the location from my boot drive to an external 8 Terrabyte USB3 drive.
FROM: "RecordPath=/Users/HDHomeRun"
TO: "RecordPath/Volumes/8TBMedia1/HDHomeRun"

I saved this file. Then copied it back to the original location on within the installed location on the boot drive. (Inside the Users/HDHomeRun directory.) When asked, I replaced the original file.

Lastly, and most importantly, I immediately REBOOTED the computer so the configuration change would go into effect.

I tested the change. I opened the HDHomerun folder on my external 8 TB drive. Then expanded the LIVE TV folder so I could see its contents (currently empty). I finally opened the HDHomeRun app on the Mac. (It could be opened on any device.) A channel began playing. Within seconds, I saw a file appear in the Live TV folder. I exited the app, turning off access to the tuner, and within seconds the file in the Live TV folder was automatically deleted. I tested further by opening a show and saw the oldest episode I didn't plan to keep. I played the recording within HD Homerun via an iOS app. The recording played fine. I then deleted the recording. It was purged from the Mac directory within seconds of this.

I hope this detail helps!

My next issues are audio getting out of sync in Live and recorded shows. My Mac Tower has a lot of RAM and is wired to a gigabit switch. TV devices are also hardwired to the network. My Mac by default is not USB3. I'm going to pop in a USB3 card in hopes faster access to the drive will remedy the audio issue.

After that, I use both HDHomeRun and the Channels apps. Sometimes the Channels app sees OTA stations that the native HDHomerun app does not see. (I like the Channels app guide but not their pricier DVR service.) I can't figure out as both are using the same tuner and broadcast feeds why one would drop signals while the other does not.

I have ripped my DVD's to my hard drive for years and shared them via iTunes to AppleTVs in the network. But I'm also now using FireTV and Roku to be educated about the user experience. I'm using Plex as an alternative to share all content (recorded broadcast shows and movies, ripped movies, and my music and photo collections.) I love cutting the cord and HDHomerun is my champion. I'm evangelizing in all other forums about it!

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