DVR Request: API to edit recording metadata

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DVR Request: API to edit recording metadata

Post by djp952 »

I think I may have asked this a while back and it got pruned, but I'd like to renew my request :)

It would be very nice if the DVR/RECORD engine exposed an API that would allow the user to edit recording metadata. While I've personally found that this mainly affects my daughter's programming and not any "grown-up stuff", if the data used by RECORD to name the files and set the metadata like Season/Episode is wrong, there is really no way for an end user to manually correct this.

I think this ability must ultimately rely upon how RECORD deals with duplicate prevention; if the "ProgramID" unique identifier (EP022963240084, for example) is the determining factor for duplicate prevention there is likely little harm in allowing a local edit of the other metadata, but if the erroneous season/episode values are more important, well, changing them could be problematic. Only SD would know what the limits are on this?

Exposing this via RECORD seems like the best course of action to me; the engine can only expose what can legitimately be changed to not affect duplicate prevention; has the authority to transparently rename/move files as necessary; can update it's own database without a restart; etc.

I have a (personal) utility that I wrote that deals with this, seemingly successfully, but it does require me to copy off and delete the original file(s) and bounce the RECORD engine to pick up the new file(s). Far too arduous for general use :)


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Re: DVR Request: API to edit recording metadata

Post by nickk »

Hmmm... I like the idea.

Duplicates are based on the ProgramID so changing other data should be ok.

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