Configuring Operating frequency

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Configuring Operating frequency

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I am developing an application that uses HDHomeRun (HDHR5-4K-DEV with firmware version 20210224) as the receiver and a DekTec DTU351 (connected to a laptop through USB) as the transmitter. DTU is continuously (once every 500 ms) transmitting text messages as PLP packets (1200 bytes long) at 475 Mhz. I am able to receive the packets using a DekTec receiver. But, unable to see any response from HDHomeRun. Further, it is showing None for all the fields of Tuner 0 Status.

I have a couple of questions:
How to set the receiver frequency?
Are there any developer API docs?
Are there are any troubleshooting tools?

Please let me know. Thank you!


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Re: Configuring Operating frequency

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Are you sure you didn't switch a couple of digits on the dtu-315 (not 351 as stated) as I thought the 351 was an input device that wouldn't output to the rf input on the hdhr but until last night I didn't even know the 315 could optionally support atsc3 as I have a sheet that didn't list such and I admit I haven't used either.

Typically requests would be via http and you can tune by physical channel (and plp) but your frequency is probably off a bit to be by channel... I have not tried to use frequency with atsc3 but would assume you could (I just always forget when specifying frequency if it is in Hz or KHz as I typically use the physical channel number) it would be something like http://<ip-of-tuner>:5004/auto/ch14p0 with the appropriate mode such as alp (but rather than 14 you would probably need 475000000 to specify Hz) the documentation is pretty much the http and plp info stickies at the top of the atsc3 section of the forum but not much was given with doing so with config after setting such as I suspect it is expected to use http and I'm not sure

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