Win Media Foundation Errors

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Win Media Foundation Errors

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Hi. Is anyone here knowledgeable about Windows Media Foundation apps (Win32)? I've created an app this past week that, up until today, was working great with an HDHR3-CC Prime. (Win10, VS2019Pro).

Today, I was unable to play one channel that is usually fine (in clear, no DRM). MF now errors out during Media Source creation. Channel great yesterday, today: not great. I haven't found another channel yet with similar issue. I'm just using the standard http url to create source (http://ipaddress:5004/auto/vxxx), and its a simple source to output topology.

I'm not quite up to speed with MF, so my troubleshooting skills are lacking. Here's what I got:
1. EndCreateObjectFromURL returns with MF_OBJECT_INVALID
2. MFTrace shows tons of these -> CMFByteStreamDetours::GetLength @028501F0 - exit (failed hr=0xC00D36FB MF_E_BYTESTREAM_UNKNOWN_LENGTH)
3. If I dump stream to a file, I cannot load as source in topoedit. (Failed to Create Source Node: Catastrophic Error)

The HDHomerun app, VLC, and Windows Media Center all deal with channel fine. Any pointers are welcome.


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