Canadian ATSC channel map?

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Canadian ATSC channel map?

Post by grhowes »

I just got a report from a user that my app was crashing, apparently because I had not anticipated his HDHomerun being set to use a Canadian variant of the "us-bcast" channel map. I'm not seeing any mention of this in the current libHDHomerun source code. Does anyone have any idea why a Canadian user would be using anything other than the US broadcast channel map?

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Re: Canadian ATSC channel map?

Post by nickk »

Canada uses us-bcast. We don't have special handling for Canada.


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Re: Canadian ATSC channel map?

Post by jasonl »

As with most things other than the metric system, healthcare, milk packaging, and potato chip flavors, Canada's broadcast system is the same as the US's. The majority of HDHomeRun users in Canada are in border areas (Toronto/Hamilton/Niagara region or Montréal) and receive both US and Canadian channels, and all are available through the HDHomeRun with no special handling on the device side.

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Re: Canadian ATSC channel map?

Post by signcarver »

Now that the real experts weighed in, what model device? What firmware? What is your app doing? What setting is being used by that user?

The only things I thought of when you posted but felt that perhaps I didn't know about some setting and wanted to see nickk's or jasonl's thoughts, related to optional demod settings for certain stations to combat things like the 30 second issue on the hdhr3-us where one could set certain channels to use the old demod which didn't have the issue (I believe there was a new york station that was affected that some canadians had issue with), an original model with 2 rf inputs which may have incorrectly assumed both were set the same, and for some reason I thought the 1st and 2nd gen also did dvb-t rather than separate models in later generations and perhaps was using their own modulator/channels contrary to us/canadian standards. But i don't think any of those (except different inputs) would have an impact of an app unless you were doing something really strange.

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Re: Canadian ATSC channel map?

Post by emveepee »

Possible differences and issues I can think of. No ATSC 3.0, still have channels up to 51, french character set, crap in the eit/ett and no requirement to have guide data.


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