Recorded series"UpdateID" not incremented if "Resume" changes

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Recorded series"UpdateID" not incremented if "Resume" changes

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Not sure if you guys would consider this a problem to solve or a feature request, but I noticed that the recorded series "UpdateID" element is not incremented if an individual recording's "Resume" value has changed. My expectation has been that "UpdateID" would be changed if any information about a recorded series has changed. Applications that need to poll "Resume" may benefit if this value could be incremented in this case; consider a case where a user has hundreds of recordings for a given series, it would be faster and consume less resources to first hit the "DisplayGroup=root" function to see if anything about the series in question has changed and should be reloaded.

Would also like to suggest allowing for both DisplayGroup= and SeriesID= query string parameters to work at the same time if the calling application is only interested in knowing if a specific series has altered metadata. The benefit again being for applications that have a need to provide relatively real-time status to the user can limit the load placed on the RECORD engine.


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