What is new about Alexa support for HDHOMERUN?

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What is new about Alexa support for HDHOMERUN?

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I have checked the previous discussions and found a discussion from 2017 about this topic. It has been 3 years and I want to know if there is anything new about solving this problem.

My first question?
Why Alexa does not recognize installed and working "HDHOMERUN" software in fire-tv?

Second Question?
When will this situation turn to normal?
My understanding of normal is basic: Me: "Alexa! Open TLC channel from HDHOMERUN"
Alexa: "Opening TLC from HDHOMERUN"
Firetv: switches from any interface to HDHOMERUN and opens up TLC channel.

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Re: What is new about Alexa support for HDHOMERUN?

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Normal for me is picking up a remote and navigating to HDHomerun.

Amazon doesn't seem friendly to SiliconDust. They won't add the capability to add it as a source in their guide and they wont make a secure path to allow DRM, why bother? I'd rather see a Google integration since Nvidia Shield and Google play nicer with SiliconDust

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