Loss of DisplayGroupTitle attribute in recorded_files.json

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Loss of DisplayGroupTitle attribute in recorded_files.json

Post by djp952 » Sun Jun 23, 2019 8:15 pm

Hi, it looks like the most recent RECORD engine update removed the DisplayGroupTitle attribute from the recorded_files.json metadata. From what I can discern, the Category attribute can now be used in a similar fashion to differentiate between "series", "special", "movie", and "sport".

I have a couple questions:

1) Are "series", "special", "movie", and "sport" all of the possible values for the Category attribute?

2) It appears that existing recordings with the Category of "special" are treated similarly to "series" in that they will be placed in a top-level folder based on the title. Will new "special" recordings also follow this convention, or will they be placed in a sub-folder on the RECORD engine storage like "movie" and "sport" are, or will they continue to be placed in folders based on the series name?

Thank you as always for your time.

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