Episodes API requests

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Episodes API requests

Post by djp952 » Thu Mar 21, 2019 4:21 pm

Hello again! I would like to make a couple requests regarding the 'episodes' backend API.

Request 1: Allow pre-filtered results with just items that have the RecordingRule element set to 1. My justification here is that the API returns a great deal of data for any given Series ID, I believe it's 2 weeks worth for all matching channels. If the client is only interested in finding out what episodes have a RecordingRule set on them, this is wasteful from both a bandwidth and processing perspective. Being able to append a RecordingRule=1 parameter or something similar on the request would be great! (Request 1A: being able to also limit the timeframe of the results with an EndTime= parameter would be cool too, 2 weeks is more than most clients probably need).

Request 2: Sort the results on both start time and channel number. The only benefit here would be to clients and maybe just the one I happen to be thinking of :) In order to determine if episode data has changed between discoveries, I'm doing a straight string comparison of the JSON data. When multiple channels will air the same episode at the same time (Consider NBC channels WRC-TV and WBAL-TV in Washington/Baltimore, for example) the ordering of the JSON data becomes unreliable. So even though the data is technically unchanged, a surface-level check like a straight string comparison fails. This can of course be overcome on the client side now that it's known but I'm thinking someone else may run into it at some point and it's probably not that hard to add a secondary sort key on the backend.

Thanks as always for your continued support, hopefully one or both of these requests have enough merit for consideration!

edit: for what it's worth I was able to deal with both of these requests in the client without much difficulty. I think they still would add some value if considered, though. I hate sucking up your bandwidth for data that's just going to be thrown away and/or ignored :)

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