Feature request?

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Feature request?

Post by Bubbster »

Seems like the best forum to ask this, pardon the interruption if I'm wrong.

Since the newer models of tuners have no LEDs to show tuners in use, would it be possible for someone to write a utility to make a widget that shows this?

Or even have the SD devs make something like this happen in the existing config_gui:



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Re: Feature request?

Post by chris_in_texas »

That's kind of funny. I have the tuner in the dashboard of my Home Assistant so I can see quickly if any tuners are in use by Plex DVR or other users in the house.


Just doing a simple screen scrape of the status screen. If you use the HDHomeRun Config GUI it simply shows the frequency on each tuner in use.


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Re: Feature request?

Post by signcarver »

Are you actually scraping the status screen (tuners) rather than status.json?

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