RFE: log streaming stop (and cause?)

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RFE: log streaming stop (and cause?)

Postby gtb » Wed Mar 08, 2017 4:32 pm

RFE: log streaming stop (and cause?)

Right now, device logs are created of the form:

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20170308-23:16:43 Tuner: tuner2 tuning ccc nnnnnn (auto:nnnMHz-m) 20170308-23:16:43 Tuner: tuner2 streaming http to iii.i.i.i:ppppp 20170308-23:16:43 CableCARD: tuner2 ccc nnnnnn (auto:nnnMHz-m) access = subscribed

There is no message in the logs indicating that streaming has ended, nor the reason (which might be socket closed, or lost communications, or buffer issues, or .....).

Having those events logged, and the timestamps, may make certain problem diagnosis easier especially in the case of 3rd party applications.

Thanks for the consideration.

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