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HDHR Apps - AppleTV stutter - nielsb

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I have a related issue with bad quality on AppleTV:

AppleTV HD latest App 20210723(app)
HDHomeRun HDFX-2US, Firmware 20210624
Fixed ethernet connection between HDHomeRun box and TV
OTA Antenna ocation: West of Boston, MA

Issue: Some channels have very bad live quality with stutter, pixelated and more. Sometimes they do not even play and I get a "unable to play channel: Timeout error" - for example WGBH World (2.2) or WBTS (15.1). Other channels (WGBH 2.1) are much better/ have no issues

Here is a video showing channel 2.2 pixelated and then channel 2.1 plays flawless: https://youtu.be/5MxYG2Wj1eI

If I plugin my antenna directly to my old TV then all channels play perfect with no stutter so I believe reception and antenna are both great.

Hope you can help resolve this.. my primary reason for trying HDhomeRun is to get rid of cable as I only watch a few local channels but right now it is a frustrating experience.

PS: Feature request. Can I create a list of "favorite channels" that I then see first on my channel list? My antenna get 30+ local channels but I am only interested in watching a handful so would like those to show on my channel list versus all 30+

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