problems playing recorded programs on TCL/Roku

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problems playing recorded programs on TCL/Roku

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I have an HDHomeRun Connect Duo. I'm running the HDHomeRun apps on our NVidia Shield (2017), my Windows 10 laptop, and a TCL TV running Roku. The NVidia Shield is set to record and it has an external 4TB Seagate drive set up as removable storage. HDHomeRun RECORD shows it is currently using 4.3% of the 4TB storage space. The NVidia Shield and TCL/Roku are both wired with CAT6 ethernet cable to my router.

Recording works great on the NVidia Shield. When the recordings are played back on the Shield and my laptop, they look and sound excellent. However, when I playback these recordings on the TCL/Roku, they play glitchy. The sound clicks/pops every 10 seconds or so and the video shows macro-blocking. It's annoying enough that we can't watch recordings on the TCL TV. Watching live TV from the Connect Duo works fine on the TCL/Roku.

I've made sure that my Connect Duo has the latest firmware and that I'm running the latest versions of the HDHomeRun apps on my Shield and the TCL/Roku.

Is there something else I need to update to get glitch-free playback on the TCL/Roku?

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