Flex apparently recording DRM channels

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Flex apparently recording DRM channels

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I've frequently noticed that my flex will communicate with the other tuners with the 169.254.x.y address and frequently I can see a prime with the led indicating a tuner is in use (quite often). When I went to check what was using it it was the flex which had locked the tuner for 3 hours to record from a drm channel (good news is is that after that 3 hour block of episodes it did release the tuner). In looking at the episodes list for that series I see over 100 episodes of a show apparently recorded (I did not check other shows, downloading such file is in the gigabyte range) but attempt of playing such in the app will fail after a few seconds. I believe it is behaving the way the old engines did in that they recorded the file but had no way to decrypt it later.

My main concern is locking of a tuner recording a useless file as well as having the disk space wasted by such recordings. Or is it that DRM recording may just be around the corner?

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