Hide Entire RF Channels? - Channel Lineup

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Hide Entire RF Channels? - Channel Lineup

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In the LA area we have an incredible amount of sub channels and up to 20 subchannels on some RF channels. To hide them I'm double-clicking each sub... Is there a way to hide multiple at once on the Channel Lineup whether by the full RF channel or shift/ctrl? Or can I have the HDHR (watch) App list only show favorites?

Here's one example and I don't want any of these in my (watch) channel list. This is even more laborious with multiple tuners here. Thank you.

57.1 KJLA
57.2 VFACE
57.3 VNA
57.4 VietSky
57.5 STV
57.6 VBS
57.7 AVA
57.8 XemTV
57.9 ZWTV
57.11 SET TV
57.12 VGMT
57.13 VCAL TV
57.14 VMTV
57.15 BBTV
57.16 IVTV
57.17 TVMN
57.18 VLIFE
57.19 IBCTV
57.20 vietmd2

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