20210618b (UI) problem & question

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20210618b (UI) problem & question

Post by cqcq42 »

I can no longer override an already recorded episode (i.e. One that appears with a gray check mark in the episode listings.)
This used to be the case, then it was fixed, but now, even though I can go through the steps of selecting Record More, setting Early and Extra values and clicking Set Recording, the episode does not show the red dot indicating it is scheduled to be recorded.
I was glad to see the addition of Channels to Settings. There are many channels I simply will never look at. But marking a channel as ignore (red with a slash through it) does not seem to affect either Live or Discover. Is this how it will work?

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Re: 20210618b (UI) problem & question

Post by nickk »

Select "Record this airing" to record something that has previously been recorded.

"Record more" is setting a series recording task which knows not to record repeats.


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Re: 20210618b (UI) problem & question

Post by NedS »

Regarding blacklisting a channel, it might take a couple of hours for the DVR to see that the channel has been blacklisted. The HDHomeRun and the DVR both maintain a channel list, but they sync up multiple times a day.

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