Optimum Digital Encryption

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Optimum Digital Encryption

Post by ZacMan »

Optimum has just informed me that my basic channels are going to be digitally encrypted in July. Currently they're the only channels I record. Sounds like my DVR is going to fail going forward. If DRM was available my cable card primes would save me. SD any hope or are we lost forever?

I know the answer won't be good.

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Re: Optimum Digital Encryption

Post by signcarver »

Encrypted does not necessarily mean (DRM) protected only that a cablecard would be needed. Locals can be encrypted but are not supposed to be protected. The way you worded how the primes could save you sounds more like it is going from clear qam to encrypted and that your (implied) other tuners will no longer work. Yes I would expect cable channels that many consider basic will be protected but I thought optimum already has been doing that for years which also seems like they may be referring to there no longer being any clear qam.

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Re: Optimum Digital Encryption

Post by kyl416 »

The OP might be in the former Service Electric Sparta territory. Altice purchased that system last year, got rid of the channels they didn't have a deal with like Music Choice and AXS, added channels they do have deals with like Stingray and Cheddar, and is now implementing their style of operation tech wise and migrating accounts over to their billing system.

The bigger change will come when they implement switched video for many of the SD channels like Euronews, BBC World, Discovery Family, Universal Kids, GAC, BET Her, MTV Classic, Hallmark Drama, FXM, Tr3s, Fox Sports 2 along with some HD channels like the Universo, Olympic Channel, SEC and ACCN and you'll need a tuning adapter to continue to receive them.

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