Issues with LGTV HDHomeRunApp - closed-caption and initialization

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Issues with LGTV HDHomeRunApp - closed-caption and initialization

Post by GPadgett »

I am experiencing issues with the LGTV HDHomeRun App, which I am running on two separate LG TVs.

On both TVs, the LGTV HDHomeRun App will not display closed-captions with either live or recorded TV. (This worked on both TVs on an earlier version of the app).

Further, on the newer of the TVs, the HDHomeRun App fails to initialize properly when connected to a wired network. Note that the very first time I set up the HDHomeRun App on this TV was when it was NOT connected to a wired network, and it worked fine. However, when I moved the TV to it's wired network location, it has consistently failed to initialize while connected to the wired network - it used to fail on an exception, and more recently the app starts -- but without recognizing any devices (so no live or recorded TV is available). I discovered that in both failing instances that if I powered the TV down, disconnected from the wired network, and powered up, the HDHomeRun app would start fine when the network is wireless, and continued to work when I reattached the wired network.

Note that I have tried removing and reinstalling the HDHomeRun App from both LG TVs, but it has not solved the problems.

Closed-caption (live and recorded) works fine with other devices on my home network, including HDHomeRun on two Roku Streaming Sticks and a Roku box (3811x), the Windows 10 HDHomeRun App, and the HDHomeRun App on IOS (both iPhone and iPads).

HDHomeRun hardware and DVR:
* HDHomeRun RECORD version 20210301, running on WD MyCloud EX4
* HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO version 20210224
* HDHomeRun CONNECT version 20210210
* HDHomeRun DUAL version 20200225

LGTV Information:
* TV 1, where closed-caption does not work in the HDHomeRun app:
- purchased 2017/10
- model [LG] webOS TV OLED65B7A, current software version 06.00.05
- HDHomeRun App version 20200923 (app) / 20210429b (UI)(beta)
* TV 2, where closed-caption does not work in the HDHomeRun app, and the app fails to initialize correctly when connected to the wired network:
- purchased 2021/02
- model [LG] webOS TV OLED55VXAUA, current software version 03.21.18
- HDHomeRun App version 20200923 (app) / 20210429b (UI)(beta)

Any assistance with these problems is appreciated.

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Re: Issues with LGTV HDHomeRunApp - closed-caption and initialization

Post by startled_hippo »

I can echo the problem with closed caption - I am also unable to turn captions on with my LG TV.

When I bring up the menu screen by pressing "up" on the remote (it's an LG Magic Remote), I can navigate to the CC button. It is white, if that's relevant, and turns blue when I've navigated to it. I try to click it by pressing down on the scroll wheel of the remote to select it. However, nothing happens - there is no "Subtitles: on" pop up like there is on the Windows app when pressing the same button.

I've also tried pressing the caption button on the remote but that also has no response.

  • Television
    • LG webOS TV OLED55B6P
    • Software Version: 05.60.06
  • HDHomeRun
    • Hardware Model: HDFX-4K
    • Firmware: 20210422

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Re: Issues with LGTV HDHomeRunApp - closed-caption and initialization

Post by jwhitaker »

I can confirm that HDHomeRun app for my LG webOS TV OLED65B7A has a serious problem with closed captions, (both wired and wireless connection modes). Even though CC is set to ON (at all times), captions won't pop-up after switching to any channels. I have to press CC button twice to make captions to appear on screen every time. It's nonsense workaround.

I ended up using Windows 10 version of HDHomeRun app with my LG TV. Captions work perfectly but I have a problem with this-- font size is way too big, and white-only color is way too bright while in HDR / DolbyVision mode. No option to change size and color with current version.

Developers definitely need to look into this and fix issues with and enhance CC feature-- with size and color options, which is already set as standard in all HDTV and streaming devices. It would be great for them to make its CC to respect system's accessibility settings. E.g., follow user's preferred CC settings in Accessibility control within Windows 10, MacOS, Apple TV, etc.

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